Lori William


The children’s fable of the ‘Little Engine That Could’ personifies will, determination, perseverance and drive. After 25+ years of hands-on experience and seeking out the best to learn from, it also embodies what Lori William has done in her life and strives to do through her approach and objectives when working with your practice.

Lori William is a partner at Strategix and she focuses exclusively with orthodontic offices to maximize practice efficiency. Having in-depth experience working in all aspects of an orthodontic practice, Lori has the proven ability to overcome all challenges and successfully systematize the inner workings of an orthodontic practice. Lori helps practices get over the mountain and change their thinking from “I think I can, I think I can” to “I know I can”.

Lori has learnt from the best and is passionate about sharing and modifying these principals so they can be implemented in orthodontic offices. She believes business is part process and part art, and it’s your decision to determine your level of happiness and fulfillment.

Lori’s energy is contagious. Her approach is to listen, understand your objectives, re-ignite your team’s passion for creating smiles and work in partnership with you and your team to achieve what ‘you’ want through the tools available at your fingertips. Sharing the knowledge, insights, and skills from her wealth of experience has Lori living her passion; to help your practice overcome obstacles and become the best you can be.

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