Customer Service Summit

Never has there been a more important time to take exceptional care of your patients. It used to be that being a good office was enough. Over time, it became necessary to provide great care. Now, being great is no longer enough. Differentiation is now the requirement for you to be known as ‘The Dental Practice of Choice’ by both your patients and your team members.

The Customer Service Summit will have you ready to create exceptional experiences that have your patients raving about your practice. Service is about people-to-people relationships that have a starting point and an ongoing commitment to make patients feel like they are the most important people in the world.

It takes time to examine, reinforce and personalize existing client relationships and to develop new ones. Building a high quality, people-centric practice is more profitable and personally rewarding for everyone involved. The Customer Service Summit provides a powerful opportunity to engage and empower your team to increase your standard of care.

This highly engaging session ensures the creative exchange of ideas, concerns, desires and solutions in a fun, interactive and constructive environment. Getting everyone on board and holding team members accountable will enable you to differentiate your practice in a dynamic way.  

The Benefits:

  • To leverage your competitive advantage.
  • To make unforgettable connections.
  • To not only retain but attract great patients to your practice.
  • To inspire your team to create magical experiences for your patients.
  • To learn the secret ingredient for building trust with your patients.
  • To ensure your customer communication engages rather than enrages.
  • To turn patients into loyal cheerleaders that actively refer everyone they know.

You will learn how to:

  • Use the power to please.
  • Discover the art of profound personal service.
  • Make every patient feel like a welcomed guest.
  • Use communication that connects.  
  • Partner with your patients to create commitment to their ongoing oral health.
  • Identify your points of contact.
  • Collaboratively create a Patient Service Strategy.
  • Determine how to capitalize on your strengths to become a Category of One!

Customer Service Summit

This session will provide dental teams with the strategies, practical tools and inspiration needed to turn patients into loyal guests who wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere!
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