Virtual Learning

The Strategix reputation and brand is successfully based on over 25 years of in office representation and personalized service with consultants traveling and investing time in your office as required. Now we've taken these years of experience to craft a virtual learning program that can drive radical growth at the freedom of your schedule. You get the same positive results, while doing all of your learning online with the option to have a consultant in your office once or twice a year.

Why Virtual:

If you are wanting to make change and drive growth in your practice but want to make the improvements according to your schedule, this learning method will work well for you and your team. Virtual Consulting comes with the benefits and positive results of a standard consulting service offering while simply replacing the time and cost of travel with the use of today’s communication technologies such as video conferences and webinars.

Service Options:

  • Standard Consulting Service Agreement.
  • Limited Consulting Service Agreement.
  • Full Virtual Consulting Service Agreement.

Let us know what would work for you, and together, let’s customize a program that fits your needs.

Virtual Learning

The same positive results as our standard consulting service offering ⁠— all according to your schedule.
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