This comprehensive program addresses one of the most critical areas of your practice—your hygiene department. Together we fine-tune everything from how your hygiene services are delivered, to how to ensure your patients are committed to an ongoing perio program, to getting patients excited to proceed with major dentistry.

The Benefits:

For the patient
  • Increased knowledge of their periodontal status.
  • Commitment to take responsibility for their oral health.
  • Comprehensive periodontal treatment.  
  • Improved periodontal care.  
For the team
  • Maximized results from working effectively together.
  • Established and reliable systems that reduce stress.
  • Increased scheduling of appointments.  
  • Fewer failed appointments.  
For the hygienist
  • Enhanced technical and communication skills.
  • Increased team understanding and support.  
  • Production goals met.  
  • Patients become co-therapists and ambassadors for the practice.  
For the dentist
  • High performance team.  
  • Enthusiastic patients who actively refer.  
  • Increased acceptance of comprehensive treatment.  
  • Increased production–both restorative and hygiene.

PerioLogix Goals:

  • To assist team members in developing a dynamic philosophy for the hygiene department.
  • To enhance each team members knowledge of periodontal disease.
  • To utilize hygienists to their maximum potential.
  • To improve the teams’ ability to communicate effectively both with each other and with patients.
  • To listen with the intent to understand.
  • To use case types for assessment, treatment planning and periodontal therapy.
  • To deal with objections—in advance of them being presented.
  • To maximize the profitability of the hygiene department.
  • To assess and monitor the effectiveness of the hygiene department.

“I began a journey with CoraMarie when I was a new hygienist... I was shy, very unsure and had so much to learn. I valued all that she taught me right from the beginning and used it to help me grow both professionally and personally. I was lucky enough to get to work with her again with another office in another city and again, learned so much, about myself and about how to practice dental hygiene more efficiently and effectively. Now I feel like what CoraMarie taught me is ingrained in how I practice. I often quote her to other dental professionals as I want to share her expertise.”

Kelly Hart RDH


Maximize profitability and effectiveness of your hygiene department with this comprehensive program!
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