Creating an exceptional experience for every single patient interaction requires powerful scripts and well-executed systems. ScriptLogix will help to ensure each patient conversation delivers a consistent message—that each interaction is ‘right and tight.’

The carefully selected words, phrases and questions in ScriptLogix are to help you be better prepared. Once your team knows exactly what the message is that must be communicated, they can then let their personality shine through as they deliver the message. Our approach is based on understanding how people think, then using that information to create messages your patients can understand.

Achieve your goals by building and enhancing your patient relationships through exceptional communication. You have the right team on board, now give them tools to deliver the message you want your patients to hear whether in person, by phone, email, text or fax. And once your team has experienced delivering powerful messages, it becomes easier for them to craft new messages based on your practice needs.

The benefits: 

  • Your team will be more confident, comfortable and consistent with the messages they give your patients.  
  • You will know that your patients are receiving the same message from all team members.
  • Powerful verbiage increases your treatment acceptance.
  • Increase your practice efficiency; less time is wasted when you know exactly what to say even in tough moments.
  • Patients will feel the level of patient care they receive is consistent and top notch.

ScriptLogix includes:

  • Learning the right questions to ask.
  • Phone calls.
  • Welcoming new patients.
  • Appointment scheduling and confirmation.
  • Getting to ‘YES’.
  • Cancellations and no shows.
  • Handling high demand appointment times.
  • Respectfully handling accounts receivables.  
  • Your continuing care program.
  • There are many additional scripts to enhance the patient experience in any situation.


Use ScriptLogix to help your team cut through the noise and get your patients attention delivering messages that are more appealing, memorable and repeatable.
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