This turnkey human resource system gives you step-by-step processes and tools for everything from hiring to training, evaluating and retaining star team members. TeamLogix gives dental practices the information they need to seamlessly integrate, accurately measure, and directly align human resource activities with practice culture, financial objectives and strategic intentions.

By creating a solid human resource foundation with strong employment processes in place, you will minimize the stresses of managing a team. In addition, you will be able to leverage good people to produce exquisite results for your patients and your practice.  

TeamLogix provides the information, concepts, tools and methods that will make your journey of building a top performing team easier, more enjoyable and more rewarding. The teams that achieve the best results are able to do so because they have highly effective systems in place.  If you're not as happy as you would like to be with the behaviour of the people on your team, take a closer look at the systems they're working in.

TeamLogix Will Help You:

  • Create compelling job advertisements.
  • Construct detailed job descriptions and task lists.
  • Conduct professional, comprehensive and consistent interviews that can be measured.
  • Compile and organize employee information effectively.
  • Develop successful orientation and training systems.
  • Give regular feedback both formally and informally.
  • Promote accountability and measure performance.
  • Recognize and retain valuable team members.

The Benefits:

  • Happier more productive team committed to quality work.
  • Happy patients that look forward to seeing you and telling their friends about you.
  • A culture that supports positive interaction and open communication.
  • Well defined, meaningful, integrated systems that free up your time.
  • Team members that know what is expected of them and act accordingly so you don’t have to micromanage.  
  • Positive energy that spills over into personal life.  
  • Renewed passion for work resulting in increased loyalty.


Having the right systems in place empowers and engages people to be their personal best, allowing you to attract and retain star performers.
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