Practice Coordinator Certificate Program

Do you ever wish you had somebody that would take care of leading and managing your practice so you could focus on providing dentistry/orthodontics? This program will train your Practice Coordinator (Office Manager) to do just that.

They will learn to take care of the day-to-day tasks in a way that supports growth and profitability and ensures a strong positive image of the practice. All of this, while freeing up your time. If you want your Practice Coordinator to become a pro at taking initiative and doing whatever it takes to generate amazing results for your practice, this course provides the tools for success.

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"I had the pleasure of taking the Practice Coordinator Certificate Program with CoraMarie Clark.  I have been a dental professional for 38 years in both clinical and administrative positions. With my years of experience, I had some reservations as to what I would gain out of this course. My negative thoughts were quickly washed away in our first class where CoraMarie’s expertise brought current and relevant information to the forefront. CoraMarie has a great way of adding different viewpoints to situations, giving us creative ways to manage difficult situations, conversations or to make us think outside of the box. Her insight into patient management has made me a better Practice Coordinator."

- Nelle Pedersen

Which statements apply to your practice?

  • I wish my team was better at communicating with each other and our patients.
  • We have poor employee retention and at times it feels like we have a revolving door.
  • Our financial information needs to be better organized.
  • I know we could be more profitable, but I’m too busy to make it happen.
  • I need somebody to take care of the details of leading and managing my practice so I can focus on providing dentistry.

If you said yes to at least three of the above statements, this program will help you find the answers you need. Take an in-depth look at each of the necessary steps to ensure your practice systems seamlessly and consistently support ongoing growth.

You Will Learn:

  • Leadership: coaching, accountability, inspiring employees, stretch goals, performance management and team building.
  • Communication: sharing information that is heard, listening, giving feedback and conflict resolution.
  • Human Resources: hiring and training, compensation, evaluation, recognition and retention, building and maintaining task lists.
  • Patient Care: providing exceptional care, pre-determinations and insurance, recall, financial arrangements and accounts.
  • Operations: scheduling, unified systems, team meetings, supply management, organization and adaptability.
  • Hygiene Department: building a collaborative hygiene team, consistency, treatment planning, assessment and periodontal care.
  • Treatment Coordinating: asking powerful questions, listening, demonstrating value and addressing objections.
  • Marketing: optimizing internal marketing, promotions, public relations, branding and social media.
  • Financial: focusing on growth, monitoring statistics and reports, accounts payable, cost management and bookkeeping.

Practice Coordinator Certificate Program

Give your PC the required skills so they can run your practice like a well-oiled machine and watch your profits soar!
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