Coaching Trax

Our expert consultants provide insights and guidance to practice leaders with an emphasis on staying on track to ensure strategic objectives are accomplished. By honing your leadership skills you will achieve the best from both yourself and everyone on your team.

Work and life can throw you many challenges. At times you may feel overwhelmed with all you have to do, with all the people that are depending on you. It can be immensely helpful to have someone to talk with—a confidant that is there to support you and to help you gain a fresh perspective.

You spend over a third of your life at work. It’s critical to find ways to make this time as fulfilling and productive as possible. Gain a renewed passion and discover positive energy that then spills over into your personal life.

Why Coaching Trax:

Coaching Trax will not only help you with your life, but it will also help you learn how to guide and empower your team in a whole new way. You will begin to acknowledge them more. And rather than just telling them what to do, you will provide regular, constructive feedback and encouragement. This will not only achieve better results, but you will also have a happier team.

Human Capital is your number one expense. Unfortunately, it may also come with some of your most concerning problems in your office. Coaching Trax allows you to feel supported while discussing team concerns and dealing with the HR aspects of your practice.

The Benefits:

  • Define clear goals and create a road map to achieve them without unnecessary detours.
  • Refocus your energy on that which truly matters to you.  
  • Increase self-awareness.
  • Uncover hidden strengths and weaknesses to improve your leadership skills.
  • Learn how to lead, influence and model the performance you want from your team.
  • Improve decision making ability.
  • Enhance your understanding and communication skills for challenging conversations.
  • Learn how to increase employee engagement while helping team members assume more responsibility and accountability for their actions and commitments.
  • Find more peace and harmony in your life.

Coaching Trax

As an owner of a dental office, you are likely the "chief cook and bottle washer" when it comes to providing dentistry, leading and managing your team, and not to mention trying to run a business. When you wear that many hats, you need to be intimately familiar with the “blind spots” that could affect the viability of your business.
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