How Is Your Practice Performing? Is your practice living up to its true potential and profitability, or do you have a gnawing sense that things could be better–perhaps even much better? Are you enjoying smooth flowing teamwork? Do all the tasks get done almost automatically without you having to micromanage every detail?

Is your office filled with kindness, smiles and camaraderie that lift the spirits of patients and team, or is there too much tension, friction and drama? Do mistakes creep into even routine tasks and undermine the patient experience and your online approval ratings? Have you ever been frustrated at how long it takes for your team members to “get it?” These problems are serious. They erode team spirit, patient satisfaction and your profitability. But they’re not at all unusual. In fact, they’re very common in dental offices.

Why Do These Problems Arise?

Most often an education gap is to blame. Dental schools provide excellent technical training, but deliver little, if any, insight on how to lead a high performing team. Instead dentists are left to follow their best intentions, which seldom align with the best leadership practices. Promising teams flounder, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

A Solution to the Leadership Education Gap

LeadershipLogix fills the leadership education gap. It is a comprehensive training program of best practices for dentists and the teams they lead. It provides a solid, proven and easy-to-implement framework that elevates the performance and culture of the entire team.

Bring Out the Best in Yourself & Others

LeadershipLogix replaces fuzzy expectations and haphazard communication with clarity, purpose and proactive accountability. It encourages every team member to live as their best self and commit to bringing out the best in others.

A Clear Standard for Attitude & Performance

It gives teams a clear standard for attitude and performance. It inspires you and your team to live “above the line.” To abandon conflict, apathy, criticism and gossip and instead pursue initiative, cooperation, integrity, mindfulness, responsibility, compassion and gratitude.

Immediately Applicable Concepts

LeadershipLogix concepts are immediately applicable in your day-to-day thoughts, words and actions. You and your team can start implementing the ideas right away in every task, conversation and relationship.

Build an Enduring Culture of Excellence

The training can be delivered in live sessions or video segments. It includes ongoing reinforcement modules to help you build an enduring culture of excellence where your high performing team will consistently create wow experiences for your patients.

Based on Decades of Practice Performance Expertise

Like every Strategix program, LeadershipLogix has been specifically designed for dental teams. It combines leading management concepts with decades of practice performance expertise. It leads to dramatic improvement in team harmony and financial results.

Make Your Team & Profits Soar

Are you ready to make your office a place where talents shine, personalities flourish and profits soar? Contact Strategix to implement a LeadershipLogix program for your practice.


Designed specifically for dental teams, with LeadershipLogix you'll learn how to make your team flourish and profits soar.
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