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December 5, 2023

A Cabo Culinary Buying Decision vs Setting Your Dental Office Apart

We took a quick trip to Cabo San Lucas Mexico for a few days in November.  I feel obligated to share a story regarding a ‘Sales Experience’ while at the Los Cabos Marina.


We took a cooking class where we had a lot of fun learning how to make seafood paella in a private Mexican home.  After our cooking class we took a stroll along the marina to investigate where we would like to experience dinner for the evening.  

As we passed each establishment, we were greeted by their best salesperson; typically a confident well-spoken mature man who you who could tell had worked that strip of boardwalk for years.  Every restaurant offered basically the same thing: a small beef filet, lobster tail, two jumbo prawns and a free tequila drink for ~$40USD.


When the probable diner perceives every option as virtually the same, what drives the ultimate buying decision?  Every salesperson had their own ‘value statement’ they felt would be best suited for their target audience.


We ultimately made our buying decision based on being sold by a restaurant owner offering the meal to be free if we were not perfectly satisfied.  The power of margin on wine …LOL.  We selected a table with a view of the sales show.  Lots of interesting discussions, admittedly lots of rejection, but never a wavering of enthusiasm or willingness to do what it takes to fill every table.


In the dental profession we need to treat our patients the same way, less of the in your face sales pressure as the professionals on the Cabos marina boardwalk and more willingness to do what it takes to fill chairs.


·     Allow your patients to make buying decisions based on their criteria and on their own timeline.

·     Allow personal word of mouth advertising to work for you.  Patient referrals will trump every value statement.  Leverage posting your testimonies on social media, and in digital marketing campaigns.

·     Be persistent but always balance being respectful.  Complete your follow-up regularly and in a timely manner so your leads don’t expire.  


Christmas is when everyone likes to say thank you. Don’t forget to thank your patients in a meaningful way, especially those who thank you with a testimony.


And when you get a testimony, get them posted and get your team working for you to help build your business for 2024.  

When you believe you can help your patients, then asking for the referral is the right thing to do.  You need to do this.  Patients still don’t know they can refer patients to your practice and experience how awesome you are!  YOU HAVE TO ASK!


With 2024 only days away, it’s time to set your goals and ensure your team is working hard to build your practice to help you grow.  Here are some areas you can focus on:

·     Is your new patient experience top notch so they come back even if they explore other options?

·     Is your new patient phone script providing value, giving service, and so friendly those patients are sold before they even enter your practice?  

·     Is your front desk being an advocate to build your practice and ensuring the patients that are calling immediately notice the difference from the other offices?


Strategix has some exciting new programs available for admin training, phone training, and new patient training to maximize these opportunities for 2024.


Lastly, in the spirit of the holiday season, from our team to yours, we wish you all the best in 2024 and thank you for your continued support and business.  

P.S. We made the right choice, we were more than satisfied! Great food and a great learning moment! Happy Holidays!

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