The Power of the Schedule

In my expert opinion, the scheduling template is the most important system in an orthodontic practice.  It can make or break a day, week, month or even a year.

To maximize doctor and team member time, a “Doctor Time” focused template is critical to maximizing efficiency and driving success.  When running perfectly in-sync, everyone knows exactly where and when to be at any given moment during the day.  Existing patients will appreciate your practice running on time.

With competition increasing, probable patients are demanding more as they shop for second and third opinions.  It is more important than ever to ensure you are seating and dismissing your patients on time and this can be achieved through a scheduling template.   Respecting a probable patient’s time will help build their trust.

A proactive scheduling template can also be designed to accommodate both your current active patient load, and your growth objectives.  Building in the calculated number of each appointment type will ensure part of the business will not be neglected.

The process of building a customized scheduling template includes a detailed analysis of the last 24 to 36 months, taking the time to define and clearly understand your goals, and quantifying clinical procedure times.  Identifying opportunities to improve and team training needs will also become evident during the process.

Below are a few of the data points you are encouraged to discuss with your team before engaging in the process.

  • Growth goals and objectives.
  • Number of appointments required including new patient exams, records, bonds, debands, recalls, and emergencies.
  • Current conversion rate, which will define the required ratio between new patient exam appointments and records appointments.
  • The number of patient days, hours per week, and holidays being planned.
  • The length of each appointment type and when during appointments Doctor time is best.
  • Average length of treatment for new patients, and frequency of adjustments.
  • Average length of time patients will be on recall, and frequency of recall appointments.
  • Frequency and cause of emergency appointments.

Through a detailed analysis and on-site clinical observation, our Strategix team is here to help achieve your scheduling goals.

How does your practice achieve production goals?  You schedule it!

How do you schedule it?  You template it!

Feed your system with effective marketing and it will happen!

– Lori William posted August 7, 2015