Strategix Dental Consulting Moving You Forward

Why invest in a Dental Consultant? Because it’s tough to work ON your practice when you are working IN your practice.

Change does not happen overnight and it starts with a plan.

Who do you have on board that helps your team create a plan? Who oversees reaching targets and keeping your team accountable? Who measures the results and monitors the impact the changes are having on your business? Who is there for you and your business?

You don’t have to move forward on your own…

Our passion is inspiring dental teams. What does that mean really…our expertise and motivation help dental teams discover changes that need to be implemented to achieve the type of success you are looking for. Each practice is unique and so is the type of success longed for.

Strategix Dental Practice Strategists help to move you forward…

With the combined years of experience, (which equals many, many, many years) and always striving to find new ways to provide outstanding service along with programs customized to you, then add a MBA backing all our processes and what do you have…unbelievable results!

You want to see results in your business and as a business owner there are many KPI’s to measure and monitor. The top 6 areas we hear practice owners wanting to focus on are:

  • More New Patients, with internal referrals being the top focus.
  • Having a stronger online footprint.
  • Better team culture and cohesiveness
  • Meetings that are productive.
  • Increase in the bottom line.
  • Better work life balance.

Knowing firsthand the ins and outs of helping you identify what you need to turn challenges into strengths is priceless to both, you and your team. We are hands on, investing all we got to be there for you, getting to know you on a personal level so that when you succeed we succeed.

As a business owner, you want to move forward, each year be better than the last, with clear direction and results. We get that…we are a team of professionals offering powerful tools that helps practice owners achieve higher levels of success. Committed to your vision and goals.

Today’s Strategies, Tomorrow’s Results!

– Michelle Podulsky

Posted March 7, 2018