Strategix- the leader in practice building strategies- helps orthodontic teams identify, integrate and implement systems to gain consistency and deliver a seamless and satisfying experience with every patient interaction.

No two people are alike. Nor are their Orthodontic Practices. Our programs have been designed to address every facet of your practice from human resource tools that help you attract, develop and retain the best teams to operational systems that build Practice Prosperity™. Every program can stand alone and target specific areas for improvement, or can be woven together to create a comprehensive optimization program that positively transforms your people and processes.


The following are brief descriptions of the key OrthoLogix services:

Practice Diagnostix – Assessment of Key Success Factors

This objective and thorough assessment highlights key success factors for your practice by evaluating your current strengths and weaknesses. We gather and analyze subjective (interviews), objective (statistical and financial) and observational data, provide a written report, and discuss our findings and recommendations with you.


Strategix Summit – Build a Strong Foundation

This customized, two-day, facilitated session ensures the creative exchange of ideas, concerns, desires, and solutions in an interactive, constructive environment. You will leave with articulated Vision, Mission and Values statements and a clear strategic plan with tactical steps, accountabilities and timelines.  Most importantly, you and your team will leave empowered, with a renewed passion for building your ideal practice!


Team Building Summit – Build Your Committed Peak Performance Team

During the Team Building Summit you will learn how to leverage your competitive advantage by developing strategies to take your team from good to great. By inspiring your team to create magical experiences for your patients you will increase your bottom line and optimize your practice. This highly interactive program gets everyone on board; profit is just one of the rewards you’ll get for creating a motivating fun place for your team to work!


Customer Service Summit – Create Priceless Patient Loyalty

In this session your team will be provided with the strategies, practical tools and inspiration needed to turn patients into loyal guests who wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere! The Customer Service Summit will enable your team to repeatedly create magical experiences for your patients, putting you in a Category of One!


Mastering Treatment CoordinatingHow to Increase Your Case Acceptance

Booking more treatment (sales) is the biggest factor to increase profit and efficiency, yet receives the least amount of training. This program will real the steps to increase your success. The more you align your service with what your patients want, the more they will say YES and refer others!


OrthoLogix ™ – 12, 24 and 36 Month Consulting Program

The ongoing consulting and development program optimizes your practice from top to bottom. The work you do is challenging, practical, full of fun and laughter and is immensely powerful and effective at achieving results.

Your experienced Strategix consultant meets with the leaders of your practice as well as the entire team at regular intervals. The Team Forums include diagnostic tools, skill building, best practices and a focused action plan for success. By discovering and refining strategies and systems you ensure your team provides exceptional care of your patients.

Continually integrating and deepening learning over time builds and sustains momentum and translates that energy and growth into Practice Prosperity™.  Practice Dynamix can include some or all of the following modules which have been designed to help your practice move to the next level.


PracticeLogix ™ – Team Handbook to Optimizing Operations

Structure, hone, and document all of your procedures to create consistent service delivery, eliminate redundancy, and increase productivity. Your customized manual provides proven policies and procedures as well as forms that capture and organize your existing systems.


TeamLogix – Your HR Process

This turnkey human resource system, complete with manual, will provide you with step-by-step processes and tools for everything from hiring to training, evaluating, and retaining star team members.


New Patient Process
Determine what your patients want and then give it to them! The more you can align your service with what they want, the more they will pay you for it… happily!

Understand the 7 steps to treatment acceptance and have your patients book before they leave your office. Follow the simple process and gain immediate results!


Coaching Trax™ – Guidance for Practice Leaders

Our expert consultants provide insights and guidance to the practice leader with an emphasis on staying on track to ensure you accomplish your strategic objectives. By honing your leadership skills you will achieve the best from both yourself and everyone on your team.


Performance Metrix ™ – Measuring the Health of Your Practice on an Ongoing Basis

These reporting tools help you systematically track and measure the factors that impact your practices’ performance.


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