Meet Lori William…

meet_loriLori William, Partner

Having grown up in the profession of teeth, Lori has spent her entire career straightening them. Her twenty (20) years of orthodontic experience includes the full range of roles from clinical assisting, administrative duties, system development, and leading teams. Technically she truly excels at Treatment Coordinating, gaining significant patient acceptance, and building Scheduling Templates … the most critical element in any successful orthodontic practice.

Her technical competence and hands on experience, combined with her continually evolving business knowledge, allows Lori to succeed at solving any challenge faced in an Orthodontic office.

The satisfaction in knowing she has truly helped someone else reach their goals and objectives, and achieve more personal and professional fulfillment than ever anticipated.

Lori’s professional passion is rooted in loving how Orthodontics has such a positive impact on people’s lives, and in helping professionals provide their best to their patients.

Lori’s positive energy and enthusiasm for growing a business and ensuring it is best is immediately noticeable and contagious; everyone wants her to be on “their bus.”

Lori’s children’s zest for life, tireless curiosity, and natural creativity are a daily source of inspiration and passion to be best. Two of the best gifts in life a parent can forward to their kids is a desire to work hard in service to others, and loving what you do. Lori truly loves what she does everyday.

Where she gets the best ideas for you:
The difference between who you are today and a year from now are the people you meet and the books you read. (1) Lori surrounds herself with happy, positive, creative, successful people. (2) Time is invested every day studying or listening to audio books on business, positive attitude, leadership, creativity, marketing, and sales, to ensure all the help and answers you receive have been vetted against the known and proven solution and against evolving ideas more reflective of the current times.

Lori’s husband Mark William, MBA has a proven business prowess which is an on going source of inspiration, motivation, and ideas. As a team … their hard work, commitment and dedication are unbeatable.