Comments from Dentists:

Our team attended a one-day presentation on treatment coordination given by Strategix. Having a well-organized operation with carefully crafted office specific protocols for every procedure and situation, frankly I did not expect any significant new insights from that day of CE course. I treated this outing as a team building event, introducing a couple of new team members to old concepts, and exchanging the familiar looks and head nods meaning: yeah we do that, that’s us, check, check etc. and go home feeling better. In the course of the day I realized that in fact we could be doing things better in the most critical area of business that was not part of our “hermetic” and “fool proof” office. The next day, we all went to work, rethought our approach, and as the old adage goes, took things from the course that could be used next Monday and make us more money. Thanks!”

– Dr. Andrew Wasik and Ambiance Dental team of Calgary

Why Strategix? We knew we needed a management consultant. The Practice was slowing down, and it was time to turn things around. We started talking with Strategix a year prior to beginning to work with them, and at this point in time we only wish we would have started sooner. Strategix guides you to discover the direction that is comfortable for you and your practice. You have to be the leader, and your team will then help you to attain your goals and vision. One of the big differences has been that we are now all accountable to making things happen.”

– Dr. Steve

“I knew I could trust Strategix; they were totally there for my practice. Our bottom line has been hugely impacted… I’ll never be able to thank Strategix enough for what they have brought to our team.”

– Dr. Marlin Meharry

Comments from Orthodontists:

Strategix’s positive enthusiasm in all they do is contagious. They engage the audience by speaking from the heart and leaving one knowing they can do anything they put their mind to.”

– DW, Orthodontist at Okotoks Orthodontics

I feel we’ve achieved and grown more in the past 1 and 1/2 days than we have in the past 1 and 1/2 years. There is always room for improvement in any practice. You Rock!”

– CO

Strategix achieved every goal I outlined when we first met. I am working 20% less and my profit has increased and production has remained the same, all dependent on my scheduling template. Strategix’s knowledge, guidance and expertise made this all a reality I will forever be grateful for.”

– GB, Edmonton

The summit was over the top beyond my greatest expectations.”

– LH, Calgary

Video Testimonial:

– Dr. Robert Kinniburgh

Comments from Team Members:

Strategix provided us with an opportunity to share our beliefs with other team members in a “safe” and open environment. It was both productive and enlightening. A must have.”

– Terry

CoraMarie was an exceptional speaker; her enthusiasm and zest for life is contagious! Our team left inspired and with the skills and communication tools they needed.”

– Angela

Completely mind-blown by you ladies, this weekend has been above and beyond any expectations I thought I had. Thank you so much, it was a life changing experience I am so excited about.”

– Carly

Comments from the Corporate Executives:

Well organized, interesting, and highly relevant topic for all of us, it held our attention. Thanks for such a great presentation!”

– Nikki

Your professionalism was apparent from your eloquent speech. I was very impressed with your realism, and your down-to-earth attitude. It is easy to see why you are so successful.”

– Jack

Delightful and honest presentation with excellent use of statistics. Good actual practices to implement.”

– Kevin