Online awareness and marketing is evolving quickly. There are so many options and avenues where do you start? Don’t get left in the dust…

Involving your team first and foremost is key in creating engagement and excitement for them and for your practice. This will help later on down the road when or if you want to invest on a different level in a reputable marketing company. Success starts with planning and awareness.

Having your team brainstorm and understand who you are, the type of patients you serve and where to focus efforts only increases the bond between your team and your amazing patients. People want to do business with their friends and when your team is involved in creating online friendships, it is a game changer.

Master one online option at a time. Facebook is a great place to start and depending on your target patient age range move onto Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Strategix offers basic branding awareness to ignite your team. Proven methods and measurements are in place to watch your New Patient numbers grow and grow! The fastest growing areas are patient reviews and Google ranking.

More and more people are trusting online reviews, 79% actually, and they consider these reviews just as important as personal recommendations. Wow.

So, where do you place when potential patients search for a dental practice to do business with? What do your reviews boost? What is your online reputation? What words do patients use to find you?

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are hard work and you don’t have to do it alone. Relevant content and authentic reflection of your practice starts with your team.

Improving your online visibility and ensuring your website is a powerful tool to attract patients starts with a marketing plan. Building trust with patients online is essential and Strategix has the road map to help get you started.

– Michelle Podulsky

Posted July 25, 2017