Strategix Dental Consulting Moving You Forward

Why invest in a Dental Consultant? Because it’s tough to work ON your practice when you are working IN your practice. Change does not happen overnight and it starts with a plan. Who do you have on board that helps your team create a plan? Who oversees reaching targets and keeping your team accountable? Who […]


Online awareness and marketing is evolving quickly. There are so many options and avenues where do you start? Don’t get left in the dust… Involving your team first and foremost is key in creating engagement and excitement for them and for your practice. This will help later on down the road when or if you […]

Looking Forward

As the New Year begins, it’s the perfect time for reflections – to identify, acknowledge and celebrate your achievements in 2016. With the New Year comes a sense of hope as people make their New Year’s Resolutions. But, as we all know, these Resolutions are often hard to keep. People often make commitments beyond their […]

“Inject” More Fun Into Your Dental Practice

Imagine a world where people love their job because it is calm, stress free and generally a happy place all day long. When the people on your dental team are in good spirits, have a positive attitude, are creative, have a sense of humour, enjoy their time at work they will also excel at work. […]

Are you head and shoulders above the rest?

I personally believe the best way to build a successful practice is to create a relationship-based practice. Exceed their expectations and pay attention to the little things your team can do each day to create an experience. Building this type of practice is how you conduct yourselves throughout each day on a consistent basis. Your […]

What is the Experience People Have in Your Office?

Creating Loyal Patients for Life You’ve worked hard to build a great practice. To put an awesome team together that will not only have fun, but that will also help you achieve your dreams. How’s it coming? What is it that makes the difference between an ordinary practice and an extraordinary practice… one where the […]

Policy, Procedures and Systems…oh my!

A trip down the yellow brick road in a dental practice may have some challenges. When you come to a “Y” what do you do? How does the team respond? Do they know what is expected?  How will they make decisions? In creating a clear policy and procedures manual customized to your practice in a […]

Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever!

As we begin a New Year, I invite you to take the time to reflect on your key experiences for 2015 and to determine where you want to focus your energy for 2016. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed with all that we have to accomplish – we get so busy with life… and tend to forget about […]


A great way to find out what your patients needs or wants are about dentistry is to simply ask. We may get caught up and convince ourselves that we know what our patients want but the only way to really know what is most important to them is to ASK. You want to protect and enhance your […]

The Power of the Schedule

In my expert opinion, the scheduling template is the most important system in an orthodontic practice.  It can make or break a day, week, month or even a year. To maximize doctor and team member time, a “Doctor Time” focused template is critical to maximizing efficiency and driving success.  When running perfectly in-sync, everyone knows […]