Are you head and shoulders above the rest?

I personally believe the best way to build a successful practice is to create a relationship-based practice. Exceed their expectations and pay attention to the little things your team can do each day to create an experience.

Building this type of practice is how you conduct yourselves throughout each day on a consistent basis. Your existing patients experience the difference for themselves when they enter your office and then they will relate this experience to family or friends.

Referrals, referrals and yes more referrals…

People love to talk about ways a service was handled and if it is a top-notch service mixed with a friendly, caring and VIP approach then BINGO…recipe for referral success.

Advertising from many dentists can often bombard new patients looking for a dentist. These patients will ask friends and family whom they see and if it’s a good practice? What will your existing patients tell them? What will make you stand out above the rest?

Ensure your existing patients are sharing how you made them feel and that your team is engaging them in helping grow your practice will create an emotionally invested loyal and referring patient. Emotionally engaged patients tend to be:

  • Three times more likely to recommend your practice to others.
  • Three times more likely to continue to do business with you.
  • Less likely to shop around.
  • Will be much less sensitive to fees.

How or where do you begin?

This can be a very slow process, but once your patients have experienced your caring ways, they become a source to market. They will want to naturally tell others about you.  I have often heard feedback from patients that they did not realize their dental office was accepting new patients…so they did not share their experience! Really?

That may be just one reason why your team needs to let those quality patients know how special they are and how nice they fit into your style of practice and that you welcome meeting anyone who would appreciate being cared for in the same way, refer!

It may be uncomfortable for your team to “toot their own horn” in a sense but as a dental consultant who has seen the benefits of a referral goal, first hand many times. Encourage your team to:

  • Step out of their comfort zone.
  • Have a referral-gathering goal.
  • Train your team on how to correctly and effectively ask for referrals.
  • Track and monitor referral requests and success in the practice.
  • Create an acknowledgement program for those patients who refer.
  • Review, revisit, and revamp referral-generating expertise annually.
  • Reward and recognize team members for their referrals to the practice.

Once your team members have recognized that asking for referrals is the most effective and inexpensive way to add new patients to your practice, this will not only change the culture of your practice but it will put you head and shoulders above the rest!

-Michelle Podulsky posted June 1, 2016